Why Choose A Vendor Neutral Architecture?

The healthcare marketplace is comprised of siloed digital imaging and information. However, the on-set of vendor neutral archives and more advanced vendor neutral architecture provides strategic and tactical remedies. The explosion in medical imaging data size and type, coupled with the legal requirements for retention and management add to the conundrum of managing large amounts of unstructured data while attempting to decrease the total cost of critical care.

Chief Information Officers see Vendor Neutral Architecture as a way to consolidate vendor information management and gain back control of their data. Vendor Neutral Architectures allow customers to control their data and price of storage while creating a strategic plan that addresses the burgeoning image data dilemma.


  • Large growth in imaging size and type
  • Requirements to manage and distribute outside of radiology
  • Decrease cost of clinical care


  • Consolidate applications or storage
  • Control applications data and destiny
  • Increase total physician acceptance

For more information or to enroll in the VNA Institute of Technology, visit http://www.vnait.org



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