A VNA is Patient-Centric – Understanding the Requirements that Make Up a VNA #HealthcareIT

A VNA is Patient-Centric

The department-centric model has served early PACS implementations. However, it fails terribly when moving to a patient-centric model. This is when information from different departments has to be provided in a multimedia format for a single patient. For example, most vendors who provide so-called integrated radiology or cardiology solutions still have a separate database and image storage for each specialty and implement a middleware application that merges retrievals from both databases. One can imagine the impact when another department goes digital and needs to be integrated.

A similar issue arises when access is needed from more than one PACS. These tight connections between multiple components are most visible for a Teleradiology company that serves different sites from multiple vendors with a different workstation for each vendor. A patient-centric solution provides a single user interface and single access capability.

For more information about developing a Vendor Neutral Architecture, the VNA Institute of Technology, or to enroll for CPHIMS (CE) Continuing Education Hours, visit http://www.vnait.org.For information about TeraMedica, visit: http://www.teramedica.com


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