Migrating Data in a VNA #HealthcareIT

It is necessary for data to be migrated to a VNA for the VNA to be most effective within a healthcare institution. It is possible to add technology to achieve a higher level of coordinated search among multiple PACS archives and to provide more universal viewing solutions that span multiple archives. However, the full breadth and depth of benefits of a VNA truly requires migration of data.

Following, you can review a series of features that are considered to be key in executing an enterprise data migration. First, assure that your data migration vendor and their contractors apply a consultative methodology. Even if they can provide to you references of customer who had the same RIS/PACS and EMR environment as you, your institution is still unique. The other key elements all center around a common theme of understanding what data you have, a comprehensive knowledge of your HW and SW environment, and a full understanding and commitment from all of the key and associated vendors to complete the migration.

Components of an Easy Enterprise Data Migration Package

  • Enterprise Consultative Methodology
  • Feasibility and Pilot Test-Drive
  • Data Integrity Landscape Report
  • Assigned Project Manager  throughout
  • Rapid Direct DICOM Extraction
  • Unique Multi-Threaded  Migration Process
  • Patented Reconciliation Automation
  • Continuous Report Distribution
  • Embedded Bandwidth Optimization
  • Programmable Physician Sensitive Scheduling
  • Assessment of all other data types in the institutions


For more information on data migration, contact TeraMedica: http://www.teramedica.com

To enroll in the VNA Institute of Technology, visit: http://www.vnait.org


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