#HealthIT Enterprise Visualization Requirements #HealthcareIT

There is no doubt that all HealthIT organizations need to address the archiving and management of medical images. A further component of that discussion needs to include the visualization of those medical images. Integration of images within the EMR environment is critical. We are challenged as technologists as the construct of EMR’s in North America tend to be focused on structured, discrete data elements that can nicely reside in a database. Most EMR’s manage data within a database and are severely challenged with large data sets of images.

One solution is to use a patient centric VNA to organize medical images. These images can then be associated with patients, encounters, and/or orders within an EMR. A VNA and its visualization tools will then allow images to be presented as a record parallel to the EMR. The launch of an image view for a specific encounter should provide the ability to navigate the patients record of images without regard to the encounter. In other words, a practitioner should be able to see prior exams without navigating back in the EMR to the encounter of specific exam report.

For more information on assessing your organization’s enterprise visualization requirements, contact TeraMedica: http://www.teramedica.com



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