Just What are the Benefits of a Vendor Neutral Archive?

Vendor Neutral Archive Benefits

  • CREATE ECONOMIES OF SCALE: Reduce the silos of clinical image data through implementation of a shared institutional infrastructure. This can reduce storage management costs – and improve data security (HIPAA compliance) by using standard IT policies and principles for managing enterprise data.
  • PROVIDE ENTERPRISE DATA MANAGEMENT POLICIES: Standardized enterprise data management rules greatly decrease storage costs and reduce or eliminate legal liabilities using institutional data purge policies or data tier policies (hardware/compression rules).
  • REDUCE INTERFACE COSTS: Using a shared archive platform to store clinical data and distribute it, IT management can reduce complex system interfaces to the EMR, enterprise information systems (EMPI, patient registration, etc.), and departmental information systems (RIS, CVIS, etc.) within the enterprise.
  • OPTIMIZE IT INFRASTRUCTURE OPTIONS: Allows IT to select best tools (PACS, workstation, etc.) for clinicians to meet job requirements. Smartstore reduces difficulties involved in migrating large volumes of image studies. In addition, reducing vendor dependence can decrease new or replacement PACS expenditures by creating a more competitive bidding environment.
  • IMPROVE AVAILABILITY OF DATA: A centralized image archive allows for an easier and less expensive implementation of a highly available data storage management solution.
  • ENHANCE CLINICAL INFORMATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT: Managing clinical data based on its clinical value over time in a tiered clinically-aware archive improves availability of information (via different QOS tiers) and reduces storage management costs (using intelligent compression or purging techniques).
  • IMPROVE PATIENT CARE: By simplifying the sharing of imaging studies and clinical content between PACS, departments, and facilities, clinicians can have access to additional relevant patient information. This, in turn, can positively affect clinical efficacies.
  • FACILITATE COMPLETION OF ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORD: Placing more information into an EMR context allows broader distribution of content to physicians and clinicians. This results in greater acceptance of the EMR by both physicians and allied staff.
  • CREATE AN INFRASTRUCTURE FOR DATA MINING AND OUTCOMES RESEARCH: Smartstore’s enterprise basis solution allows for broad-based analysis of clinical data usage patterns. This information can be used to potentially reduce costs and improve efficiencies at the department, facility, or enterprise level.
For more information on implementing a vendor neutral archive, enroll in the VNA Institute of Technology at: http://www.vnait.org or visit: http://www.teramedica.com

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