Developing a Vendor Neutral ‘Architecture’ Solution

The Challenge: Disjointed, Disconnected, and Dumb Content

Increasing amounts of clinical content are generated digitally. Within the healthcare organization, there are typically a variety of systems that contribute image data to the infrastructure.

  • Clinical content is an asset of an organization and needs to be managed accordingly across an Enterprise
  • Clinical systems have a lifecycle defined by a vendor contract
  • PACS storage lifecycle is trending at 3 to 5 years instead of much longer patient/physician expectations
  • Clinical data retention policies exceed PACS lifecycles
  • Healthcare providers can no longer afford the luxury of setting aside a “moving day” for data
  • 80% of IT change is non-value added data migration
  • Storage systems solve only part of the problem – image volume growth is outpacing the decline in storage costs
  • And finally, standards are not always standards

Clinical staff productivity is adversely impacted by the need to navigate between EMR and disparate PACS/digital systems. The silos of clinical information make sharing images and data extremely difficult. This results in the failure to provide physician access to complete patient data.

The Solution: Develop a Vendor Neutral ‘Architecture’

TeraMedica is a vendor that has developed a Vendor Neutral Archive that creates a means to bring together silos of clinical content under one institutional infrastructure.

The Vendor Neutral Architecture accomplishes this while providing unique qualities of service to the originating clinical areas. More importantly, the TeraMedica solution relieves the burden that accompanies long-term management of critical patient information. The system manages any type of digital clinical content that can be associated with patient/study context, including non-DICOM content such as PDF files, video files, sound files, JPEG, and TIFF images.

TeraMedica’s Smartstore™ provides:

  • A long-term clinical enterprise image management storage solution for all individual department PACS, mini-PACS, and modalities being utilized in your facilities – Vendor Neutral Archive is, of course, vendor independent
  • A long-term data repository accessible by a user of the EMR or a Physician portal through a universal lightweight image viewer
  • PACS plus our Enterprise Neutral Archive rewards you with no future data migration, and data exchange between all systems is maintained easily
  • Comprehensive image lifecycle management from all specialty input, intelligent classification, storage and distribution to ubiquitous integration and analysis tools

For more information about TeraMedica, visit:

To enroll in the VNA Institute of Technology, visit:


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