Delivering a Unified Visualization Platform


Visualization: No Need for Incomplete, Inhibiting and Inefficient Data

Clinical professionals want clinical data and tools  when, where, and how they need them. Effective integration with EMRs remains unsolved and the patient records are incomplete. DICOM data and tools alone cannot meet the demand. Large gaps in the clinical workflow and toolsets exist and many specialist now demand the same 3D functionality to analyze and review imaging studies that have not in the past. Physicians throughout the continuum of care are ordering or creating datasets that needs to be shared effectively, while critical information necessary for quality patient care by locking away data in “departmental silos”. The expense of workstations, PACS webviewers, bandwidth, application “weight” and physician mobility are also inhibiting factors.

TeraMedica Offers a Visualization and Application Tool Set

TeraMedica delivers a single visualization and application tool set and platform for ALL digital clinical content from multiple departments and in multiple formats including ALL DICOM, digital photos, video and audio files. We are able to lower the cost of high quality care and complete the “true” patient record. Our common, lightweight (no downloaded components), web browser-based tools embedded into the EMR gives needed access to digital clinical content to a wider variety of users throughout the entire healthcare spectrum.

No other solution offers a highly mobile, lightweight solution without compromising clinical efficacy. Clinical productivity increases by delivering digital speed, convenience and efficiency to the point of patient care, to the clinical desktop, and to the source of patient revenue.

We leverage existing investments in IT infrastructure to provide for the management of sensitive clinical information in a secure, controlled environment at lower cost. Our visualization platform presents healthcare professionals with faster access to clinical information and images whenever and wherever it is needed with the goal of improving patient care.

TeraMedica completes the patient record and delivers the necessary tools and information when, where and how they are needed. Hyper-efficient. Hyper-effective. For the entire enterprise.

For more information on developing a unified visualization platform, visit:

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