Arriving at a Pre- and Partial PACS Solution

Pre- and Partial PACS Transition Solutions

The number of medical images generated each year continues to increase exponentially. Today, national mandates call for the move to implement an electronic health record (EHR). Given this backdrop, healthcare providers face numerous critical decisions as they try to integrate images and associated text data.

Historically, healthcare organizations have consisted of silo-minded archival solutions, employing PACS systems that lack crucial connectivity features.


The Pre- and Partial PACS Institution

The Pre-PACS Institution includes 100- to 200-bed hospitals or clinics completing 60,000 to 100,000 imaging procedures per year. For this type of healthcare institution, a solution like TeraMedica’s Evercore Pre-PACS solution builds a smarter digital foundation. This allows time to plan for the best-of-breed PACS decision without the enormous cost of a complete PACS implementation.

The Pre-PACS model can also apply to smaller facilities within a larger Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) or to new departments added to meet patient demand.


Scalable Digital Infrastructure

Evercore lays a strong foundation infrastructure for image and data management that grows with the institution’s enterprise, until the time is right for PACS. The PACS decision is made without having invested in a long-term storage and without any worries about future data migration.

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