An Intelligent Document Capture Solution

Clinical Document Capture Solution

intelligent document capture diagrambeth

As an example of an Intelligent Document Capture Solution, you can look to TeraMedica’s Evercore® Smartstore module, as it brings together silos of DICOM and non-DICOM clinical content under one cohesive institutional infrastructure. Since its inception, Smartstore’s patented technology has beenable toingest non-DICOM information using multiple methods, such as API, FTP, DICOM wrapping, and configurable web services. This enhanced non-DICOM offering leads the industry by embedding digital automation software seamlessly while automating workflow and increasing data acquisition productivity and clinical outcomes.

The Problem

The volume of DICOM and non-DICOM images, physician reports, video, and audio files generated each year are continuing to increase exponentially. Historically, organizations have consisted of silo-based, archival solutions, notorious for lacking crucial interface features. Today, CIOs are challenged to deliver an Electronic Health Record (EHR) that incorporates the entire continuum of patient information while also coping with data migration from proprietary PACS systems. Given these circumstances, healthcare providers face numerous critical decisions as they try to consolidate, integrate, manage, and most importantly, migrate all associated large-scale data sets.

The Solution

Smartstore intelligent document capture automates document ingestion from various document systems, scanners, and other electronic document generation devices. It links to a comprehensive institutional imaging infrastructure, while providing unique qualities of service to the originating clinical areas. More importantly, it relieves the clinical areas of the burden that accompanies long-term management of critical patient information.

  • Customer Centric Project Manager
  • Enhanced Non – DICOM Automation
  • Intelligent Information Capture
  • Automated Information Extraction
  • Secure Information Validation

The Benefits

Physicians procure and utilize the most care-effective departmental workflow and visualization products knowing that their clinical data is managed according to their unique policies and rules in a secure, robust, IT-managed solution Chief Information Officers can provide unique services while maintaining disparate clinical assets under a common patient record to facilitate data sharing (to an Electronic Medical Record or Electronic Health Record). All of this is accomplished in a highly available enterprise infrastructure that conforms to corporate IT standards and practices for data security, availability, backup, and more.

For more information on TeraMedica’s Intelligent Document Capture Solution, visit:

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