What is the VNA Institute of Technology?

About the VNA Institute of Technology

Sponsored and operated by TeraMedica, Inc., the mission of the VNA Institute of Technology is to provide healthcare professionals with the most up-to-date industry information in a convenient online setting. “VNAIT will help alleviate the atmosphere of Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt (FUD) that currently dominates the marketplace. The Institute’s impartial, vendor-neutral setting fills a void in VNA education, taking the learner beyond DICOM, toward meaningful use (ARRA) and other global health information initiatives. This offering is just the first step in an unparalleled recognition of industry demands for flexible, customer-built, patient-centric solutions for the emerging reality of personalized medicine,” says Paul Markham, TeraMedica Vice President of Global Strategy and Marketing.


Powered by a comprehensive social networking ecosystem, the VNA Institute of Technology is a virtual place of learning for the A-to-Z of healthcare and imaging informatics. As a testament to its mission of leading the VNA industry, the motto of VNA Institute of Technology is Voluntas Statua, which translates as “meaningful imaging.” TeraMedica, Inc.—sponsor of VNA Institute of Technology—is cognizant of the movement toward personalized medicine, and committed to its leadership role in providing complete solutions to the healthcare industry.

Those who enroll at VNA Institute of Technology can participate in classes and seminars at their own pace. Curriculum will feature a comprehensive range of topics, such as neutral archives, IHE, and meaningful use. Members of the VNA Institute of Technology will learn from industry experts, thus enhancing their careers and becoming more sought-after, valuable resources.

Those enrolling in the VNA Institute of Technology receive free CPHIMS CE hours for coursework completed through VNAit.org.

For more information on or to enroll in the VNA Institute of Technology, visit: http://www.vnait.org


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