The Rationale for Maintaining Data Ownership in a VNA

SSP and ASP Capability Within a VNA

There are other requirements like SSP and ASP that might be part of a VNA. However, by themselves they do not create a true VNA. This description introduces you to these requirements and provides an in-depth look at what constitutes each one.

The archiving and archive-management component is typically the most expensive element in a digital healthcare imaging system purchase. Most vendors offer a storage service provider or application storage provider model, where a fee is charged by the exam or by the retrieval. When using this model for data storage, one needs to make sure there are proper guarantees in place in case something happens with the provider. The data originator needs to maintain ownership of its data.

When taking the proper precautions, this model can eliminate a substantial upfront fee. It is expected that for an increasing percentage of the users, this will be a sensible model, especially when in-house IT skills and expertise are somewhat weak.

For more information about developing a Vendor Neutral Architecture, the VNA Institute of Technology, or to enroll for CPHIMS (CE) Continuing Education Hours, visit information about TeraMedica, visit:


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