A VNA Includes Life-Cycle Management

A VNA needs to deal with image deletion and retention. It is not sufficient to flag a database entry to identify deletion, as with some of the major PACS vendors. That is because this information is proprietary and must be physically deleted.

Another reason is that the legal retention period has expired. This is typically 7 years for adults. The retention period depends on body part, patient age and study type. Some institutions might decide to keep studies longer for research purposes.

The retention period also depends on whether, or when, a study was accessed. If a study does not need to be retained after a certain period, but it is accessed on a regular basis, deletion might not be warranted.

For more information about developing a Vendor Neutral Architecture, the VNA Institute of Technology, or to enroll for CPHIMS (CE) Continuing Education Hours, visit http://www.vnait.org.

For information about TeraMedica, visit: http://www.teramedica.com


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