Find Out How a VNA Provides Query, Storage, and Retrieval Capability

A VNA Provides the Capability for Query, Storage, and Retrieval

A VNA implements the so-called image manager and image archive actors as defined by integrating the healthcare enterprise. The image manager is a database that provides responses to query requests. When a data object is sent to the VNA for the first time, important information from the header is captured, potentially cleaned, and stored for queries with additional metadata needed for the image manager. There are also typical rules to limit the number of responses to prevent users from doing wide-open queries that might impact the database performance.

The archive provides secure storage and retrieval as well as routing and prefetching capability. Prefetching is typically performed when order information is received resulting in sending prior exams to a specific PACS or workstation. The selection of the prior exams depends on configurable parameters such as body part, modality, study date, and study or series description.

Routing is mostly used to allow for back-up or mirrored copies of the information or for Teleradiology purposes.

  • A VNA implements image manager and image archive actors
  • The image manager is a database
  • The image data is cleansed
  • Query responses are controlled and often limited
  • Prefetching is performed when prior exams are sent to a PACS
  • Routing allows for backups or for Teleradiology purposes

For more information about developing a Vendor Neutral Architecture, the VNA Institute of Technology, or to enroll for CPHIMS (CE) Continuing Education Hours, visit information about TeraMedica, visit:


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