Illustrating the Enterprise for a VNA – An Infographic

The following diagram provides a glimpse at depicting the enterprise for a VNA and highlights the idea of an EMR for images. It also organizes, archives, manages and presents in the context of the patient clinical results around medical images or objects.

It provides the underpinning of an assessment or an understanding of the scope of the project and also represents the mechanisms (outside of DICOM and HL7) by which to communicate to other systems in the hospital.

For DICOM only, the scale and scope need to be defined. How many studies per year? What are the PACS systems that are being engaged? What is the EMR? What is the visualization strategy? What is the requirement for availability and replication?

For needs beyond DICOM, one needs to develop an assessment that includes source systems (simple cameras, movies, clinical apparatus), the capture of the objects, how the objects will be offered to the archive, how will meta data be obtained, what level of validation needs to happen on the meta data.

To get an assessment of your readiness for a VNA, contact TeraMedica:

To enroll in the VNA Institute of Technology, contact:


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