Universal Image Viewing in a VNA

Uni-Viewer Access Within a VNA

There are other requirements like Uni-Viewer Access that might be part of a VNA. However, by themselves they do not create a true VNA. This description introduces you to these requirements and provides an in-depth look at what constitutes each one.

In addition to the Radiology workstation, most PACS vendors provide a plug-in viewer that allows for images to be displayed. An example of this is in an EMR portal for a physician. This is a temporary solution and only provides access to the images in the PACS archive and database. A better solution is the VNA, which provides access to its multimedia information using a universal viewer. It should be provided using a standard interface such as WADO for DICOM objects.

  • Most PACS vendors provide a temporary plug-in viewer
  • A better solution is VNA access to multimedia information with a universal viewer
  • WADO for DICOM objects is an ideal standard interface

For more information about developing a Vendor Neutral Architecture, the VNA Institute of Technology, or to enroll for CPHIMS (CE) Continuing Education Hours, visit http://www.vnait.org.

For information about TeraMedica, visit: http://www.teramedica.com


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