DICOM Tag Identification

  • All the Tags in the DICOM Header are ordered in numerically ascending order by Group and Element within Group.
  • There is a “Sequence” structure defined that contains Tags and other Sequences in numerically ascending order. (This structuring allows numeric restarts and information nesting)‏
  • A “Sequence” has a Tag number (Group, Element) that is ordered with the other Tags of its parent’s Tag.
  • A “Sequence” can have multiple “Item” clusters of Tags.
  • A Multiframe Pixeldata Tag has a special form of “Item” structuring made up of “Item Start” and “Item End” coding.
  • Pixeldata can be one byte, two byte integer, four byte floating point, three byte (color – RGB), or three byte (color – YBR).
  • The Transfer Syntax specifies these details.
  • Color Pixeldata can be packed with RGB interleaved for each pixel or grouped as planer data for Red, then Green, and then Blue.

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