DICOM Group Code

Even values are defined by DICOM and define a relationship grouping of like attributes.
– 0x0002 – File Meta Information tags
– 0x0008 – IOD UIDs, total Study Level Information
– 0x0010 – Patient Level Information
– 0x0012 – Clinical Trial Information
– 0x0018 – Acquisition System Information
– 0x0020 – Image Meta Level Information
– 0x0022 – Filter and Lens Level Information
– 0x0028 – Image Dimensional Information
– 0x——-  –  Other Groups
– 0x7FE0 – Pixel Data Information
Odd value codes are “private” values defined by individual vendors for their private data. The method of defining the definer of a “private” group is defined in the standard and is a TAG in the header. Private “tags” must follow the format of tags defined by DICOM so that the data can be parsed, stored, and subsequently restored and encoded with full fidelity.
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