DICOM Encoding

  • “TAG” organized byte format based on “TransferSyntax”
  • “TAG”s have in review (Group, Element, Length, Explicit Value Representation (optional), and Value or data)
  • “TransferSyntax” applies to header and data‏
  • –Implicit Little Endian (ILE) (everyone must support this)‏
  • –Explicit Little Endian (ELE)‏
  • –Explicit Big Endian (EBE)‏
  • –“Encoded” Pixels (JPEG, RLE, J2000, PDF, MPEG) – header is ELE
  • So what does the word “endian” mean…
  • “Endian” traces back to “Gulliver’s Travels” (1726)
  • More recently, the article in IEEE “Computer” magazine of October 1981 called On Holy Wars and a Plea for Peace”  by Danny Cohen explained the problem related to computer communications.  (see WikiPedia “endianess)
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